Ares 26650 Mod by CVP Maximize

Ares 26650 Mod by CVP

The Ares is a new 26650 Mod made by CVP  

This mods tapers at the top and has a 22mm top cap so 22mm Attys fit flush.


More details

A 26650 mod that is both reasonably priced and also made to very high standards.  From the makers of the Immortalizer RDA, comes the Ares 26650 Mod. Comes with 2 x switches - 1 with a locking ring, 1 with recessed button, both are magnetic.

Specifications to follow soon:

  • 26650 Mod requires 26650 Batteries
  • 304 Stainless
  • Magnetic Switch x 2  (1 with locking ring and 1 recessed push button)
  • Engraved 
  • Serial Number
  • Reverse Threaded Locking Ring
  • 22mm Top Cap (use of 22mm atty's no problem)



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