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Female 4Nine (Brass) by Tarsius Customs

The Female (Brass) 4Nine by Tarsius Customs


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The Female 4Nine Mech Mod by Tarsius Customs is a brass version of the original 4Nine. 

Please note that this is quite an advanced device. Due to the tickness of the topcap not all atomisers are going to work if there is not enough threading and a device with an adjustable 510 center pin is advised. It is also recommended that you use button top batteries. 

This version has an insulator in the top cap as well which will stop its shorting when you don't have an atomiser in the top. 

  • Made from Brass with a Stainless Steel firing button
  • Configurations for 18350, 19490/18500 and 18650
  • Kick compatable with 18350 & 18490/18500 batteries
  • 22mm dia and 49mm length with 18350! 
  • Magnetic Switch
  • Engraved logo on switch and serial number to match your Male 4Nine


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